Professional management on a personal level
In this business I know that too often only the negative comments are shared with the management. I wanted to take this time to provide some positive feedback on one of the staff members of Rouse Management—our maintenance man Tom. The first snowfall we had in January it took me almost 2 hours to blow the sidewalks. I noticed that the rubber auger was getting very worn. This was causing it not to pick up the snow well and also making it difficult to throw the snow. I called Tom and asked him if he could look at it and maybe replace that part. Yesterday it took me less than 45 minutes with the rubber auger that Tom put in. This is just one example. He has also helped us with a dead tree, a broken push mower, and a mower blade issue. It is just nice to know that you can call Tom (you will only need to call once) and he will get something taken care of quickly and effectively. I hope you pass the positive feedback on to him.

Marc & Julie, Past Resident Managers Pheasant Lane

January 27th, 2016

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